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How can I register my child?

You can fill in the contact form. We will contact you upon receipt to make an appointment free of obligations, an initial interview.

Is every application granted?

No, we are a school that works with individual learning routes. For this reason, we can do more and a pupil with a learning problem is more than welcome. However, children with behavioural problems such as ODD will not be accepted and referred to schools where this specialism is available.

My child is a good pupil, but is visually impaired. Can he be admitted?

In principle, a visual handicap or deafness need not be an impediment for following our lessons.

Is there a continuous schedule or an extensive lunch?

Except for Wednesdays, there is a lunch every day with teachers and pupils together. So there is a continuous schedule.

What are the school hours?

We start at 8.30 A.M. and continue until 3 P.M.; on Wednesdays, the pupils go home at 12.30 P.M.

How is the intermediate day-care organised?

No intermediate day-care is needed as we have a continuous schedule with lunch.

Are there study days?

Yes, 3 times a year a study day or afternoon in planned. This can be found in the annual timetable.

What happens when the teacher of my child is ill?

The school will continue as scheduled. Because we work with individual learning routes, pupils have a weekly task. As a result, children can be supervised by a substitute more easily in case of illness. A substitute pool is available for this.

Does the school have a pupil following system?

Yes, we have an extensive following system.

What teaching methods are used?

The teaching method used depends on the pupil’s possibilities. A pupil with dyslexia, for instance, will be given a different teaching method than a more gifted pupil. This is no problem thanks to the small classes. 

From what grade onwards do English lessons start?

We find the English language important, so it is taught from our starting grade, 3rd grade.