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The 4 Qs

In the development of its curriculum, Winford Breda has taken the 4Qs as its guiding principle. The full development of the child is central to this. This development can be divided into 4 segments. They are the 4 parts of our human nature, intelligence and our capacities.

IQ (mental intelligence) ‘ambition’

Winford Breda sparks its pupils’ curiosity, stimulates the children to make their talents visible. Dare to express achievable high expectations to bring out the best in each other and everybody. We do all this to create a basis that matters to our pupil.

How do we achieve this?

By having a clear structure we can create high-quality education; Custom work for children with, for instance, dyslexia, dyscalculia, atychiphobia and giftedness; Carry out an extensive study at the start of school for an individual development plan with clear learning targets. Prior consultation and evaluation with parents. In a word: learning according to the pdca cycle; The latest educational methods and use of many possible tools; Attention to creative subjects and ICT; English from Group 3 onward by a trained teacher.

EQ (emotional intelligence) ‘passion’

Together with all employees and parents Winford Breda wants to be responsible for the development of the individual child. The guiding principle is pleasure in learning, pleasure in one’s surroundings, pleasure with each other. In a word: pleasure in life. A loving approach, with an eye for the individual and empathy for each other are the core words.

How do we achieve this?

Developing self-consciousness, learning self-knowledge, wanting to improve and conquer yourself; Getting your own intrinsic value by thinking about your own wishes, passions and targets; Being able to guide yourself to achieve your targets through self-control; Learning to empathise with the situation, being able to feel what other children feel, developing empathy; Acquiring social skills with the mutual interaction being central, learning how to solve a problem.

FQ (physical intelligence) ‘energy’

Winford Breda aims at a consciously balanced life by finding the right balance of body, head, heart and soul.

How do we achieve this?

Healthy food. A joint lunch at school, prepared and presented by the pupils themselves; Cooking lessons on Fridays; An active and varying sports programme, developed in cooperation with the Breda Active Foundation, sports and/or sports clinics every school week; Rest, relaxation and playing together during lunchtime and breaks.

SQ (spiritual intelligence) ‘self-confidence’

We stand for offering security and trust so the pupils can be themselves. Together, we are proud of the successes we achieved, big or small. A school that emanates a sense of safety and security; Becoming aware of values and being able to give meaning to this. All employees act from integrity and convey this to the pupils; We let the pupils feel that they are of significance. We give them the basis for self-confidence; There is a positive living climate with a good mode between rest and activity.