At Winford Breda we want to develop all your child’s talents. We adapt ourselves to the child, not the other way round. Targets are reached through various learning routes, various educational techniques are offered. Winford Breda offers a learning route, a learning resource and a learning speed that is completely geared to your child. To achieve this individual attention is central. The classes are therefore small, consisting of 10 pupils maximum. To coach the children’s talents the best way possible there is permanent monitoring and recording of their results. Of course the sportive, cultural and creative approach is also present in our curriculum. With the aid of trained teachers and a thematic approach of the non-language subjects we always discuss surprising, new subjects. During each period we make an educational theme visit to an outside location. Other additions to the development process can often be offered within the school. This way, we optimally prepare your child for the step to further education. Both pleasure and working attitude are stimulated; after all, the greatest strength is in the child’s motivation.