It is Winford Breda’s aim as a private primary school to have and implement an educational system in which the individual pupil can come fully to his or her own and perform to the maximum of his or her possibilities. To achieve this, it is not just our educational system that is important to us, but also a homely and social environment in which one feels safe and meet the challenge to perform to the best of your abilities almost automatically. Thanks to additional expertise options we have the capacity to support pupils with specific needs in the field of giftedness, dyslexia, deficient language skills, dyscalculia and maths problems, social emotional development, including atychiphobia.


Winford Breda takes the talent that everyone has as a guiding principle, and wants to provide its pupils with a basis that is strong enough for the future.

Our mission is therefore:

‘Discovering and giving shape to passion and talents to give the individual pupil the opportunity to flourish.’

We achieve this by giving private education to which quality and an individual learning curve are central. A mission gives a focus, gives direction to the thinking and actions of all employees in our school. For the elaboration of this mission we therefore chose the 4 Qs. Concretely: SQ, self-confidence; IQ, ambition; EQ, passion; FQ, energy.