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    Winford Primary school Breda

High-quality education

Private primary school

Talent development

Winford Breda is a private primary school in Breda. The reason to choose us is that we meet a growing need in Breda and its surroundings. With this, we refer to the need of customised learning, with a quality of education that matters. Adequate education is important for each pupil. Think, for instance, of the specific needs in the case of dyslexia or the study programme for more gifted pupils.

Want to know more about us?

Much information can be found on our website and/or you can request an information pack. If you wish to contact us, please do but preferably after 3 P.M., when we can take time to answer your questions.

High-quality education

Winford Breda offers high-quality education by creating ideal learning conditions in a safe and homely environment. As a result, children can perform to the best of their ability in the fields of knowledge, creativity, sportsmanship and emotional skills.

The educational system followed is different from regular primary schools and can be called unique in the Netherlands. There is much attention for the personal development and development of talent of your child. Given shape in individual curriculum, taught and supervised by highly qualified teachers with attention for the individual pupil.

Professional specialists

To meet the high quality expectations, we work in small groups of 10 pupils maximum, with various curricular strands, higher effective learning time, personal attention, a continuous schedule, open communication with you and with supervision consisting of a multidisciplinary team of teachers, professional specialists and specialists. In addition, we have made a conscious choice not to give nursery education, starting from 3rd grade.